When to Divide Daffodils and Jonquils

Depending on where you live, these harbingers of spring should be finished blooming, which means it's a good time to divide them. Many gardening companies recommend planting bulbs close for best effect. What that means is that after a few years, bulbs have expanded enough to crowd themselves in the available space and they'll need to be divided and moved if you want them to keep blooming. One sure tell tale sign of a crowded narcissus bed is if when you look at the clump, there are only a couple of flowers blooming. Another tell tale sign is that there is little to no soil between leaves. Mark that flower bed with a stick or a piece of ribbon; then when the leaves have turned yellow and died back, that's the best time to dig them up and move them. You can also wait to dig them up and move them in the fall, if you can find them!