Snow Blanket

It's easy to think of cold, icy, snowy wintery weather as being unpleasant. To a garden, it is a much appreciated blanket of insulation.

Much like an applied mulch, snow insulates plants, and bee hives, from bitter, fluctuating temperatures. When temperatures vary, it causes bees to break from their cluster and consume more honey. It also causes plants to heave out of the ground. 

As snow melts, the additional moisture keeps plant roots hydrated and alive until spring, when they seem to turn green overnight.

My bees, and new raised bed vegetable garden, are nicely tucked in.

Is your garden covered in snow?



Mystery Guest Solved

It's snowing February 16, 2015 in the Missouri Ozarks, a wonderful day to be tucked in at home with a pot of homemade soup on the stove and a pile of favorite bird books nearby.

It's also one of my favorite times to watch my garden and see what visitors come in and fly by.

One of the mysteries I wanted to solve was what birds have been using my tiny ront porch outside my front door. Over summer, I found shelled sunflower seeds scattered under my swing. Then earlier today, I saw several birds flying off before I could reach a window.

After tucking a camera in my pocket and waiting for calm to resume, I caught this bird comfortably settled on my porch swing.

Do you recognize it?

It's a mourning dove, with the most beautiful feathers when it settles in the sun. There is a bevy of them usually in my garden, sometimes just roosting on a tree limb outside my living room window.

Of course, as my brother David would suggest, but then again, maybe this bird isn't the one that has been on my deck...



Valentine Garden Thoughts

I love this vintage Valentine post card with a flowering tree surrounded by butterflies. The flowers are blue, reminiscent of forget-me-nots, although in my garden they only grow as low bushy plants.

These post cards were printed in USA probably around the 1920s. Printed version of a tweet!



The Perfumed Garden

"The hours I spend with you I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it. You and you alone make me feel that I am alive. Other men it is said have seen angels, but I have seen three and thou art enough." -- George Moore

Happy Valentine's Day!



Easy Gift Flower Vases

Sometimes I don't have a flower vase available when I want to give flowers as gifts.

Thank goodness for my love of asparagus and other canned vegetables. The skinny tall cans, once the identifying paper is removed, make handy gift flower vases. Easy way to recycle and be trendy with vegetable can clean lines as home decor.

I had about 5 minutes to re-cut flowers stems and find a vase before sprinting off as a dinner guest. Having a couple of these cans stashed away for quick use comes in handy.

Add a little ribbon at the top to cover the identifying batch numbers if you don't like seeing them. I would have, too, if I could have quickly found my ribbon box but I didn't want to be the late dinner guest!