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Give the Whole Plant, Not Just Flowers

I used to tell my husband instead of spending a fortune on cut flowers, please buy me a rose plant.
Better yet, let's go to a local nursery and pick one out together.
Once planted in right conditions, roses will bloom for years, providing a regular supply of cut flowers. Check with your local garden club or master gardener to find out what roses do best in your USDA growing zone.
Consider Planting Native Roses
Better yet, you may have native roses.
Plant native roses for hardier, almost care-free roses.
These are rosa setigera or "prairie rose," a Missouri wildflower often found along roadsides, fences and rights-of-way. I invited a start into my garden many years ago. They now grow in a garden corner and bloom for several weeks mid-spring.


Long-Lasting Cut Flowers

There's nothing sadder than a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers that fade almost immediately after placing them in water. Luckily, you can find long-lasting flowers at local florists and grocery stores almost all year around if you know what to pick. One of the longest-lasting cut flowers is Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian lilies. Originally from South America, they bloom in a range of colors from white, pink, purples and yellows to variegated reds and burgundies.

Pick the Right Flowers
When picking Peruvian lily bouquets, make sure the leaves are crisp and firm, and that no blooms are wilted or falling off. If there is any wilting, you may be looking at flowers that are already a week or so old.
Also check leaf tips to make sure they aren't yellow or turning brown, you want leaves that are completely green.

How Long Will Peruvian Lilies Last?
An office colleague was given a bouquet of purple Peruvian lilies. They lasted a good two months with weekly
fresh cuttings off their stems, and a change of water. These yellow Peruvian lilies bloomed for a good six weeks before they started to wilt. Keep them away from heat and direct light. Make sure to remove green leaves that may end up in water to keep water fresh.


Weaving a Web

One of the sure signs of fall in a Missouri garden is a yellow garden spider.
They appear all over the place; on decks, under eaves, close to bee hives.
You can tell it's a yellow garden spider by the zig zag pattern in the center of the web. I like to think of her as the sewing spider.


Hang Day Neutral Strawberries

As I get ready for a Missouri winter, one of the plants I sneak inside is this strawberry.
They are day neutral strawberries, which produce fruit all season.
These are hanging basket I keep in my dining room.
When I need a desert garnish, all I need to do is reach!


Happy spring!

"I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden." --Ruth Stout