Hello, spring!

"I love spring anywhere but if I could choose, I would always greet it in a garden."

                                       — Ruth Stout

I love the four seasons, each offering a new perspective on life if we are only smart enough to slow down enough to enjoy it.

Sometimes I think winter is the beginning of a new year, freezing temperatures and grey skies cleaning the landscape palette to make room for the anticipation, and expectation of sunny spring days.

Of all of the favorite garden flowers that mark the beginning of spring in my garden, the one I anticipate the most is the crocus.

In fall, I plant new stashes of bulbs along my garden paths dreaming of them popping up in spring with a burst of color.

The low to the ground imported bulb flowers are also honeybee favorites, a source of much-needed protein for baby bees soon hatching in nearby hives.



Snow Flowers?

One of the joys of winter, watching my garden develop "snow flowers." If geometric designs in different colors can form a quilt garden, why not snow?

Do you recognize this dried out plant?

It's Autumn Sedum "Joy," a perennial that requires little water and adds interesting different seasonal looks to my garden. Quite the fashionable plant!





These little plastic garden dragons where a gift from my brother many years ago. They make their way around every garden season, sometimes munching fall leaves or mid-summer, dining on impatiens.

For years I moved them into a storage space over winter, only to bring them out in spring to keep my spring garden full of tulips daffodils company.

Garden decor like this are wonderful gifts. In addition to adding whimsy to the garden, they are a wonderful memento of the person who gives them.

This past fall, I forgot to bring my little dragons in so they spent this winter outside. They are not any worse for wear; I found one of them as I was filling my bird-feeders, the little open mouth apparently taking in newly-fallen snow.

Hummm, at this rate, getting rid of all of the snow on my garden could take awhile!




Dueling Woodpeckers

So cute, downy woodpeckers enjoying suet feeding stations right outside of my living room window.

The chair faces the garden so I can easily pop in for a few minutes and watch my feathered garden visitors.

In winter, many birds show up that I don't see in summer, not just because of leaves on trees but because this is not their summering spot.

During winter, one of the main visitors are woodpeckers, although they are in the garden all year around removing insects from tree barks.

Birds in a garden help to keep insect populations in check but not right now, everything is still quite frozen so suet is the next best thing.



What a lion!


The saying goes something like "March comes in like a lion" and did it ever in 2015.

In Mid-Missouri, we ended up with at least seven inches of snow over a sheet of ice, encouraging us to stay home where it was safe and warm.

The snow was a welcome layer of insulation and a source of moisture. Our water tables are still quite low and need to be replenished through snow and other precipitation.

The best part?

The saying goes on.

"March comes in like a lion, leaves like a lamb."

Something to look forward to, for sure!