Hi, I'm Charlotte. a master gardener, beekeeper and founder of Bluebird Gardens.

Charlotte Ekker Wiggins at Bluebird Gardens in Missouri, USA.

Charlotte Ekker Wiggins at Bluebird Gardens in Missouri, USA.

My mother used to claim I started gardening when I was 2 years old and stuffed coffee beans into her favorite Peruvian orchid. We definitely have the gardening bug in our family history. My uncle Tony says his side of the family were Hungarian farmer immigrants going back several centuries.

My garden is more than a place to raise food and pick flowers; I find peace there. The passing of the seasons is a reminder of how precious time is and how we should cherish the moments we are lucky enough to be given.

My one-acre hillside wildlife garden is also home to wildlife and bees, tenants who contribute so much to the beauty and character of the plants that I periodically rescue. Between being a certified wildlife refuge, Monarch way station and apiary, its a very busy place.

With our climate changing, I am also trying new gardening concepts and techniques. Some I am trying here for the first time and I will share my observations, failures as well as successes, as I try them out.

I hope you will get inspired to appreciate your garden, to start one if you don't have one, and to marvel at everything it has to offer.