Hyacinths Great Growing Gifts

Daffodils and tulips sometimes seem to be the stars of spring but don't overlook the shy but aromatic hyacinth. Not only is hyacinth easy to grow, but one flower is enough to charm anyone as it unfolds; the scent will fill a room for several days.

Hyacinths come in several colors including pink, burgundy, white, yellow, purple and, my personal favorite, blue. Unfortunately you can't plant these in spring; these are bulbs to be planted in fall so look around the garden and make a note where you want to plant some later. They make great border plants so you can easily enjoy the scent.

Bulbs at first may seem expensive but cut each bulb in 4 pieces; each piece will grow a new plant. Keep watered, out of direct sunlight and watch the bulb grow its lovely thick flower stem with many flowers any time of the year.

Hyacinths also make good cut flowers!