Hello, Bluebird!

Eastern Bluebirds are small thrushes with bright blue feathers, and an orange and white belly. Both male and females have the same coloring; the female looks faded.

My friend Bob McKune, who has enticed Eastern Bluebirds to his feeders with mealy worms for years, says Eastern Bluebirds are one of the most expressive birds - he has captured more than 82 different expressions! I seem to see Eastern Bluebirds featured in photos on coffee cups and calendars in a grumpy mood. Ironic since they're a symbol of happiness.

Eastern Bluebirds are Missouri's state bird.

They've been successfully saved from extinction through backyard birders setting up Eastern Bluebird houses, planting sweet sumac for winter food and making sure other birds and predators don't decimate their brood. By installing Eastern Bluebird homes in the right spot, you can watch up to three fledglings during one year!