Are Peonies Good Cut Flowers?

Cut peonies out of my garden in my kitchen going on two weeks now.

Cut peonies out of my garden in my kitchen going on two weeks now.

"...I've had a terrible time keeping peonies inside as cut flowers. They die within a day. What am I doing wrong?" -- Stephanie

Are Peonies Good Cut Flowers

Hi Stephanie,

Sorry you are having trouble enjoying cut peonies inside, peonies are one of the many garden flowers that make wonderful cut flowers, it is one of the reasons why I love having them in my garden. Besides the beauty of the flowers and watching ants on the buds, cut peonies have a lovely fragrance that infuses any room. I like to add bouquets to bathrooms and, obviously, my kitchen.

See if these 5 tips will help you have cut peonies that last more than a day inside:

1. Cut the peony flowers when the buds are starting to unfurl, not when the flowers are in full bloom. Make sure to shake off the ants before bringing them inside.

2. Use tap water you've let sit for at least a day to eliminate fluoride or rain water in the vase.

3. Trim the flower stems every day or every other day and give them new water.

4. Place the flower vase away from heating and air conditioning vents. Don't place your vase on top of a hot TV, next to a stove or anything that radiates heat.

5. Keep furry paws away from the flowers. I do battle with one of my cats that likes to bop the peony buds like tiny boxing bags.

Let me know how these work for you. Peonies are well worth the effort!