Repurpose Rose Bush Ties

Rose bush ties.jpg

Repurpose Rose Bush Ties

If you buy plants that are bagged, such as bare foot roses, you will find lovely metal ties holding the top of the bags closed.

Those metal ties are wonderful garden helpers and because they are metal, easy to reuse.

The first purpose was tying up some errant raspberry starts. These were inching out of their bed and threatening to cover my strawberries so I moved them away from shading the strawberries.

Rose tie raspberry.jpg

Another great use for these metal rose bush ties is to anchor new trees to a post. This is a dwarf fruit cocktail tree that was leaning a little to the left. I added a metal stake and tied the tree to it so that it will continue to grow much straighter.

Rose tie branch.jpg

The nice thing about these ties is that they allow room for the plant tied up to grow. I can also easily re-attach the metal ties when I need to do so and they won’t melt in rain. The twine I have been using to tie up my rosebud trees only lasts a few months. Luckily I don’t need to keep those trees tied up for long before they start growing vertically.

In USDA Hardiness zone 5b/6a roses tend to be sold only through spring so remember this tip next year when you add a few bare root roses to your garden. If you don’t want to wait that long, pick up this Garden Flowers Lap Quilt on sale and I will include a few free rose bush ties you can use this year!