Wildflower Planting

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Hi Charlotte. The spot of higher grass I would like to replant in native wildflowers. I'm going to check with my extension office to come up with the best plan. Short-plan, kill the grass, edge the outline with heavy cardboard and weed fabric and wood mulch on top. Is this reasonable for a 18" outline all the way around? Haven't decided about middle but I wouldlike to sow seeds in fall before winter. Is this an okay start to developing this site? — Bruce

Wildflower Planting

Hi Bruce,

Excellent start!

If you can put something along the horizontal bottom like a brick edging or a 2x4 in the ground to at least temporarily hold in cardboard and mulch that would also help. It's a little tough to keep cardboard and mulch on that incline during a windy rainstorm. 

 The spot looks sunny so you should be able to grow some wonderful native wildflowers like purple coneflowers, black eyed susans and New England asters, all perennials that have long blooming times and are excellent bee flowers. Shooting stars, a light blue bushy plant, would also work well there...what fun to "go shopping" for what you can add there.

Do you have a Missouri Native Wildflowers catalog? They have great suggestions based on the growing conditions.