Ailing Potted Tomato Plant

One of my Roma tomatoes growing in a pot on my deck at Bluebird Gardens.

One of my Roma tomatoes growing in a pot on my deck at Bluebird Gardens.

Question About Ailing Tomato Plant

Of all of the plants we plant in our gardens, tomatoes may be the favorite. Knowing the plants are not doing well can be disconcerting, as one can tell from this email from Charlie in St. James:

Charlie: "O.K. Master gardner,I have a patio tomato in a large pot. It was so nice and healthy looking has on several tomatoes however I have been watching it turn yellowish brown on several lower limbs.Have you got any free advice on what is going on and can I correct the problem? Thanks in advance" -- Charlie near St. James.

Charlotte: Hi Charlie, your tomato is not happy with the record hot, dry temperatures. They like regular, consistent watering. In addition, sounds like your plants are missing some basic elements so give it half the recommended fertilizer in water to make sure they have the food they need. Plants in pots need a little extra help because the water in the pot vaporizes faster.

Good luck, let me know how they do!

Charlie: "Thanks Charlotte. I had the patio tomato on a plant stand about 2-1/2 feet off the very sunny concrete deck. Too hot there I moved it to a semi shaded spot in the back yard removed the sickly limbs fertilized it(miracle Grow) it came out of it in a couple of days looks great now. Believe you were spot on. Thanks again" --  Charlie.St. James.

Glad they are doing better, Charlie!